Mango Madness

Take your love of mangos to maddening levels.

The following is a letter from the archives of the great island explorer and botanist Dr. Alfred P. Merrycoat:

“Day 38. I am in the throes of Mango Madness. I arrived on this tiny island over a month ago in search of the elusive albino wildflower. The locals led me to a jungle clearing to sample some rather curious multi-pointed green plants. Upon smoking several bud samples I had the most euphoric of sensations wash over my person. I fell into a deep slumber and awoke to find all my food had been ferried away by the once helpful local guides.

Since then I have subsisted solely on the mangos that are abundant on this island and the soothing medicine found within these wild cannabis plants. Through a series of field experiments, conducted while searching for food and shelter, I have devised a dried fruit slab combining the refreshing taste of mango and the potent properties of my now beloved weed. I eat these frequently and find that the island itself now communicates with me through a series of Morse like vibrations. The local shaman has diagnosed me with [...]

Satori Chocolate

An enlightened edible… “Satori” is the act of seeing into one’s true nature. The stripped down, bare bones version of one’s honest self. Free from ego or attachment. What better way to plunge those depths than consuming a 240mg Satori dark chocolate bar made from high potency cannabis oil and only the finest ingredients like […]

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