Marley Natural: Smoking Accessories

“Got To Have Kaya Now…”

 Breaking from the time-trapped Rastafarian image originally introduced to the world by Bob Marley himself in the 1970’s, the Marley family has let go of the past and embraced the 21 century with their new high class brand: Marley Natural. Using the natural feel of wood and glass, they’ve beautifully balanced the soft sense of the old country with the modern edge of the new world with their stylish smoking accessories.

We recommend grabbing one of their elegant glass water pipes or bubblers. Or if you like to roll we suggest the High Roller BundleA beautifully functional matched set of accessories perfect for artisan’s abode.

The High Roller Bundle includes:

– A uniquely grained black walnut Small Rolling Tray,

– The heirloom quality Small Herbal Grinder

– Six reusable Glass Filter Tips that prevent ash or debris from interrupting your smoke.

– All of the black walnut wood is sustainably sourced from North America.

– Tray includes a wooden scraper for easy preparation.

– Grinder Materials: Wood, Aluminum Alloy


Custom Designed Skis

The Choice Choice, bro-brah! Folsom custom skis are built in the weed friendly slopes of Denver, CO, where toking and skiing go together like squid ink and vermicelli. And while the construction might be Folsom’s, the look is all up to you. There are over 100 custom graphics and styles to choose from, but you know […]


Humidors aren’t just for cigars anymore. Admit it, you thought the Swiss were just known for precision timepieces, chocolates and neutrality, didn’t you? You couldn’t be more wrong. The fine artisans of Geneva are also renowned for the temples they have built to gold leaf cover cigars. The layman may call it a blunt, but they’d […]


The “Stoned Army” Knife… You’ve been there. You’ve got all the right pot products in front of you, ready for you chop, grind, cut, and roll… but you don’t have all the right tools. Never fear, Nuggy is here! The “Stoned Army” knife for the on-the-go cannabis craftsman who wants to have the right tools […]

Humidity Regulator

Integrity, humidity, & honor… In the eternal battle for humidity control Integra has just fired off the first shot. For over a thousand years humidity, both a lack thereof or an abundance of, has wreaked havoc on cannabis crops throughout the world. The gatekeepers of the Golden Leaf had denied mankind the secret to perfect […]


Cannabis Kimodigan

Not a super baked dragon in a sweater…

In case people couldn’t tell you were mad about marijuana by the way you puff your pre-rolls by the pool, you can up your geek-chic ganja game by throwing on some cannabis-inspired clothes by Poprageous.

“Keep blazing and stay AMAZING!” says the L.A. based fashion label about their cannabis-inspired clothes. Their pot leaf inspired Kimodigan (either crossbred between a kimono and cardigan, or a komodo dragon made into a sweater, depending how high you are) is perfect for throwing over a swimsuit or draping over you when getting up in the morning. It can be matched with either their Breezy shorts or leggings, or Donald Duck it if you’re at the nude beach and still need a little bit of cover.

M | Box club

“Bud, James Bud.” Opening a monthly subscription M|Box is like getting a special package from “Q” (in this case “M”) before going out on your next secret smoking spy mission. You don’t know what your gonna get but you know it’s gonna be good. And it might just save your life. Imagine each month you […]

Layback Hammock

When smoking weed isn’t chill enough…

…and you need to lean waaaaaay back.

Next time you bring your bud with you camping or on a long hike, or just want to blend in with your cannabis crop, bring a Mary Jane hammock. Be proud of your proclivities.The only thing that would make this hammock more on point is if they made it out of Hemp.

Cedar & Finch – Cannary Pouch & Lid’l Pipe

The Pot Pipe Pouch Purse

Like the great Australian Kangaroo keeping its precious young in the safety of its pouch, Cedar & Finch’s Cannary Pouch keeps your pipe and herb stash safe and sound.

Combine it with their elegantly engraved Lid’l Pipe with magnetic lid, and keep your full bowl super secure like a… like a… a proud Platypus protecting its young in its pouch from the plethora of water dangers in the Aussie Outback.

(Maybe we should turn off the Australian Discovery Channel when we write these things.)

The Safety Case

Making the case. At once a travel case for all your cannabis related accoutrement and an odor neutralizer to boot! If one was super sensitive to strong smells, one might be in good mind to have Black Rock’s smell proof Safety Case double as a gym sock bag, or bacon transporter, or maybe it’s easier just […]

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