Cannabis Powder XJ-13

Dose & Dissolve…

Through a mysterious co-mingling of both chemistry and alchemy, the intrepid souls at THC Design have just made what may be the galaxy’s first ever water soluble cannabis powder. That noise you hear in the distance are trumpets announcing it’s arrival. Has the new green Ovaltine arrived? Will there be a change of the old guard?

Handy water soluble, powdered, cannabis packs that mimic your run-of-the-mill Emergen-C, except we suspect that these THC Design MIX packs will actually work. A new day is dawning; one free from smoke and heavy on the mixing. A veritable melting pot of good vibes. Dissolve away your troubles with just the right dose. Mix some in with your morning juice or use it to accurately bake your own version of Aunt Patricia’s chiffon cake. (Chiffon with a kick).


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