Marble Pipes

Secret society’s pipe of choice…

The Grand Puba of the Eternal Sativa Lodge has called upon the almighty seer stone to be brought forth with. As the central ritual piece of the Treemason’s harvest ceremony this marble pipe also acts as conduit to the spirit world. Designed by Fredericks & Mae this cone shaped pipe is replete with mouthpiece and carb at the bottom, which is surrounded by a ring of five stars. While it resembles the chapeau of your garden variety gnome it performs best as a ritual artifact used for consecrating one’s ties to the netherworld of your choice.

It is the five stars from this pipe that can be seen emblazoned on the façade of the great Sativa Lodge. The Treemasons gather around a long rectangular oak table and pass around the marble pipe, which they call the seer stone and take turns communicating with the spirit guides from all five dimensions. At the end of each meeting they look towards the all-knowing eye of Horus, surrounded by a laurel of cannabis and they raise the seer stone in unison. The elders profess their undying love for the smoke serpent Goddess and raise their deer horned chalices with the [...]

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