Breez Mints

Breath blessed & breezily baked.

So maybe micro-dosing LSD like all the other trendy CEOs of Silicon Valley seems a little micro-extreme to you, but we bet micro-munching a couple of Breez canna-mints is waaaaay more manageable.

That way your start-up office walls don’t melt into puddles on your wooden floor, and your assistant’s head doesn’t explode into a thousand honey bees. Instead your breath stays canna-fresh as your body and mind slowly elevate on to the next brilliant high-dea, one magical mint at a time.

(They come in three tolerances: Low, Daily puffer, & Are-you-frickin-mental??-that-much-will-have-you-calling-your-ancestors-by-their-first-names!)


Mr Moxey’s Mints

Freshen your brain breath with mind mints Mr. Moxey is like that eccentric old farmer who sits on the side of the county road surrounded by his pickup truck, his prized chicken and a sign that reads “Herbal Remedies”. The straight-laced town folk pay him no heed but those in the know come far and […]

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