Evoke Vapor


If Flash Gordon somehow landed on Middle Earth during the Lord of The Rings and made a vaporizer for Gandalf and all the hobbits to cleanly enjoy their primo homegrown pipe-weed, he might have made something like this ceramic and wood vape by Evoke

…and then the whole trilogy might have been a lot shorter with a lot more laser-blasting Orcs and spaceships fighting dragons.


Arizer’s Extreme Q Vaporizer

Darth Vapor… Arizer’s Extreme Q herbal vaporizer appears to have been cobbled from the remnants of a slain Sith Lord. Harnessing the power of a thousand year vendetta, this vaporizer does not require using The Force. It employs an “air assisted whip” (not the dominatrix kind) which brings the vapor to you. Such is the […]

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