THC E-Cigars

The Rogue Stoge…

You’re a man’s man who flaunts the rules, misses the good ol’ days and who maybe even drives a Humvee. You smell like forest musk, carry your money around in a rubber band and own no less than 7 leather jackets. You love your cigars and you especially love your weed. Unfortunately, you now live in a world that isn’t quite walking lockstep with you. Perhaps you should meet the modern man?

He’s an upwardly mobile man with a five o’clock shadow and a penchant for the finer things. He is also empathetic and understands the needs of your regular blue collar Joe. Enter the new Citizen THC E-Cigar. True to the touch and easy on the sensibilities this incognito weed stogie quenches your thirst for Cohibas and Cheebahs alike. Walk through the truck stop or art gallery all the same and bask in all the attention. From Rosco’s to Rodeo they’ll all be saying the same thing: “There goes that good looking son of a bitch, smoking that incredibly non-offensive THC cigar again.” And your high will never look more up to snuff.


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