ASCHE: Grinder Necklace

Not for the thin of wallet…

An elite necklace for elite smokers who travel in elite circles and like to grind elite buds. I know what you are thinking, “This sounds mighty elitist.” Perhaps it does but Asche’s 18k Locket Mill grinder necklace is not for the thin of wallet or faint at heart. It is both fashionable and practical and surely demands attention.

What sort of person wears an 18k grinder around there neck? I’m glad you asked. Someone who wants to make a statement. That statement can be, “Yeah, I love weed and I also love gold and looking good. Got a problem with that?” Another statement could be “I’m a man on the go and I need to grind my weed at a moment’s notice and it’s important that I look great doing it.” Those would both be accurate and viable statements.

Some people wear lockets around there neck with a picture of their lost love or maybe of the blessed Virgin Mary. That’s one avenue to go down. But the ballers over at Asche have other ideas. Having a locket full of premium grinded bud is the new hotness. (Using the parlance of our times.) The fact that it’s [...]

Sweetflag Firestarter Kit

I’m the Firestarter… Admitly a 90s electro song from Prodigy doesn’t have much to do with Sweetflag’s Firestarter Travel Kit, other than sharing its name. But we get a kick out of imagining the spikey haired punk-ish Prodigy singer city kid from the dirty streets of London… out for a first night of camping under alpine […]

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