The Cannabis Taster

Dear Dank Dairy…

“Today I smoked the craziest single hit weed I’ve ever had yet: Nuclear Facemelter OG. I think it used to be called Kitten Claw Kush, but that was way too tame a name for such a beast of a bud, so I’ve renamed it.

Prewarned this sticky icky might warp speed my sense of reality, I prepared my head and my home for what turned out to be a rollercoaster ride with all the safety controls turned off.

The fresh nug sticking to my finger was a strong indicator of the danger I was in for. One bong hit and a few hundred hard coughs later, I was seeing fur grow off my arms like I was some kinda pot powered werewolf whose canine affliction only came on with certain super strong strains.

Trying to catch my breath as my heart raced passed it, I stared at my bedroom wall and watched as all my acid trips came back for a friendly refresher course in waves. Flashing forward back, I came to know my inner most void and the calm panic that comes with the deepest of self-knowledge.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it any way, I was super blazed for [...]

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