Stash your stash in style.

Stashlogix has created the ultimate carrying case for the discreet stoner on the go. It is chock full of accoutrements to ensure the quality and delivery of your bud and unlike the gym bag you use for Krav Maga class it never wreaks. As an added feature it comes with an integrated lock so your nosy kids or freeloading brother-in-law from Poughkeepsie don’t get any ideas.

Carry it around with confidence, much like you did that snazzy Buck Rogers lunchbox everyone coveted so much back in grammar school. These Stash Bags come in small, medium and large, depending on your needs and appetite and are made of either nylon or durable hemp. Great to bring along on camping trips, staycations, and adult space camp.


AnnaBis’ Maya Clutch

Keep a baby skunk in your purse!

Tired of getting stopped by drug dogs at the club? Embarrased when you open your purse to pull out lipstick and pot puffs into the bartenders face? Ever wanted to bring a teeny tiny pet skunk when you go out but were afraid you’d stink out the restaurant? Worry no more, AnnaBis has created the Maya Clutch purse to cover all those inconvenient odors.

In these heady days of dank discretion, the modern stylish woman needs a way to carry with confidence. Maya is such a stylish bag in fact, you might want one just for the way it looks. (Though probably more for the way it hides that sticki-icky doubly dank bud smell pouring out of your purse.)

You can throw it in a tote for the picnic, or keep it in your hand at a dinner party. It’s got an easy-access but secure external phone pocket to maximize marijuana storage inside. Two internal Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments use super high technology to keep even the strongest-smelling herb contained. It also neatly organizes your tools of discretion like mints, eyedrops, papers, and perfume.

Perfect for the graceful ganja girl on the go.

The Safety Case

Making the case. At once a travel case for all your cannabis related accoutrement and an odor neutralizer to boot! If one was super sensitive to strong smells, one might be in good mind to have Black Rock’s smell proof Safety Case double as a gym sock bag, or bacon transporter, or maybe it’s easier just […]

Leather Pouchettes

For the cannabis-loving fashionista… You’re classy. You appreciate style. You also appreciate cannabis. So you’ll be glad to know that style and cannabis met, they fell in love with a little leather, and nine months later (go with it), they made a baby called ASCHE, the leather pouchette. This is relevant to you, because you […]

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