Leira Cannagars

420 for the 1%.

Don’t you dare call this a blunt you Philistine. This is the Cohiba of cannabis, a medical marvel and ultimate sign of dank decadence. Each Leira Cannagar is a living, breathing tribute to the all knowing and all seeing marijuana plant. A slow burning status symbol for the stoner elite.

The Leira Cannagar understands that to pay proper homage to the bud is to build it a shrine. A shrine located inside a Four Seasons, surrounded by organic flower and dipped in the eggs of Persian Sturgeons. Now you get but a small idea of what is The Leira Cannagar, unparalleled in both craftmanship and quality. So lay back in your Barcalounger, fire up your Cannarillo or powerful Corona and give yourself a whole new respect for the ritual.


ROOT Indoor Garden

Here’s George Jetson…’s home hydro-grow. Ok, it’s almost 2020 and we still don’t have real flying cars or practical jet packs predicted in the 1960s. But we can do something almost unthinkable a half a century ago. If you want to grow a small batch of fine “herb”, as the kids say, in the privacy […]

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