Fiddler’s Greens

High notes on the high seas…

Legend has it that a life spent sailing the high seas is rewarded in the afterlife, where a fiddle never stops playing, dancers never stop dancing and mirth follows you for eternity. Fiddler’s Greens tincture is here to let you know that you need not wait for sailor’s paradise to start enjoying yourself. Choose from 4 classic strains and plunder ports of call with a euphoric pep in your step. (Unless of course you have a peg leg). The subtle high and medicinal properties of raw, organic tincture oil are perfect for walking the proverbial planks of our consciousness.

A pirate’s life is admittedly not for everyone and Fiddler’s Greens understands that. They take the unencumbered joys of treasure hunting and attacking merchant vessels and they bottle it up with some quality cannabis for you to enjoy. Who needs to spend months in the open seas, cleaning poop decks, waiting to pillage, falling prey to scurvy, and training parrots to stay on your shoulder… when you can enjoy Fiddler’s Greens in the cozy confines of your own home, and still feel as free as the high seas.


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