Twisty Glass Blunt

For the blunt smoking, future loving purist.

So you like smoking blunts but you have decided that Dutch Masters are so passé, and what you really need is a golden cylindrical staircase encased inside a five chambered glass tube, simply because it exists. And it looks like something that fell from a flying saucer. Or was left behind in Nikola Tesla’s workshop.

Well than the Twisty Glass Blunt by 7 Pipe is the way to go for you. It also contains the exciting sounding “infini-cherry” which is NOT an all-girl teen-pop synth-group, but rather an innovative design that helps avoid constant relighting.

When you are rolling with glass you are quite simply rolling on a different plateau of sophistication and class, and did we mention you can fit up to 2 grams inside this piece? Well you can, so you’re welcome. It also has “cool-pull technology” which is something you thought you had back in college when it came to the ladies, but now you can really have it with the help of the Twisty Glass Blunt.

Remember, those who smoke from glass houses should always get stoned.



Pachecos Prerolls

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24K Gold Rolling Papers

Puff Puff Bling…

Has your joint rolling game reached it’s maxim potential with traditional rolling papers? Or do your gold teeth caps get offended by basic blunt raps? Or maybe you are looking to separate yourself from the wanna be billionaire Hamptons crowd next summer? Does no one notice you anymore? Time to up your pimp game with some 24k Gold Rolling Papers!

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