Topstone Vapes

Riding vape-trails…

You know that feeling when you break out at dawn on the next leg of your cross country bicycle trek across the South American Andes… the cool grip of the handlebars in your stiff hands, the crisp smell of the air changing from night to day, the exhilaration of effort that lifts your spirit and helps propel your aching body up and down that long windy road to new and glorious heights.

This is what it feels like to hit your favorite oil or wax in a Topstone Premium Vaporizer: the euphoric bliss of personal propulsion. Whether it be to the dizzying heights of a mountain-like Sativa, or the quick plunge into the deep valley Indicas, or the cruising pace of a happy hybrid, Topestone vapes will get you there.

When your lips hit the hand crafted Bocote hard wood mouthpiece, you can almost taste the alpine tree lines becoming you back again. The cold ceramic body feels like a solid handlebar on hot days ride when the only solace from the heat is when your gloveless hands grab the molded metal between the grip tape and sip what little cool contact you can to make it through the next heat soaked mile. The Pyrex glass chamber chills each hit so well, you feel like you’re breathing the clouds that brush up against Mt. Aconcagua, and whispering with the sky gods.

Just don’t forget to come down from the clouds, get back on your bike, and finish your ride… the clouds can wait, and the long road calls.

Made in America, dreamt up in the Andes.

Fiddler’s Greens

High notes on the high seas… Legend has it that a life spent sailing the high seas is rewarded in the afterlife, where a fiddle never stops playing, dancers never stop dancing and mirth follows you for eternity. Fiddler’s Greens tincture is here to let you know that you need not wait for sailor’s paradise to […]

The Lit Kit

Treat Yo’ Self. There are many things you should re-gift: A DVD box set of “Teen Mom” is a good choice; a bottle of peach schnapps that comes in a bottle shaped like a peach is another; and a collapsible Chicken rotisserie may also qualify for re-gifting. It would take a real monster to receive […]

Humboldt Apothecary

“Herbal remedies for what ails ya’” Tis’ what the sign read deep into the Humboldt backcountry, where cannabis plants sprouted like giants, and townsfolk seemed to float a good seven inches off the ground. A magical place that all spoke of an apothecarist’s shop nestled into the foothills of the grand Redwoods. The conscience altering […]

WYLD Chocolates

Show your Wyld side. Caribou Theater. A One Act Play. Set in the great Northwest. Open on two caribou…  Caribou #1 (James): Where the hell were you Kenny? It’s hunting season. I was worried sick. Caribou #2 (Kenny): I am so sorry James. It’s just that… I can’t hardly even explain it… James: You better […]

Sublingual Strips

Let’s Slip into something more comfortable These sublinguals are fast acting and stylish. Like a track star wearing Chanel shorts. Just place a slip under the tongue and in the matter of minutes reawaken to a world where daily stresses are mere distractions and every interaction is a moment suspended in time. Each slip resembles […]

Honest Blunts

This blunt don’t front… In a time of great deception and upheaval shouldn’t your blunts at least be true? The Honest Marijuana Company would concur. Their Honest Blunt kicks sand in the eyes of deceptively rolled blunts that wouldn’t pass mustard at even your most poultry of cannabis diversions. We all remember that bong you […]

Auntie Dolores

Edible Dreams… Remember your hip Auntie at family functions extolling extravagant stories of her youthful times as a Band-aid for all the biggest rock bands…? Back when she and her besties would inspire musicians to create their masterpieces in her name and then disappear into the sunset as the tour bus roles on singing “Hold […]

Summit+ Herbal Vape

High Hiking… We step out of the water taxi and onto the small wood boat dock near the old Boyscout Camp at the top of Upper Echo Lake. Our two 50lb backpacks hit the dock with a thud that reverberates in to splashes against the boat as we try to unload ourselves and our gear, […]


“From the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas to the cosmic pantheon.” Hummingbird Farm medicinals is to cannabis what your nurturing grandmother was to warm apple pie and bone crushing hugs. This is to say an unbridled love and care for the soil and flower itself. Much like Nucleur Man in Superman IV, Hummingbird Farms harnesses […]

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