The Lit Kit

Treat Yo’ Self.

There are many things you should re-gift: A DVD box set of “Teen Mom” is a good choice; a bottle of peach schnapps that comes in a bottle shaped like a peach is another; and a collapsible Chicken rotisserie may also qualify for re-gifting. It would take a real monster to receive The Lit Kit and pass it on to others. Altruism has it’s time and place, and it’s not with the aforementioned “Lit Kit.” You are going to want to keep this for yourself.

This veritable grab bag of cannabis accoutrement comes with a bath bomb comprised of 25mgs of THC/CBD. This is not a bomb used to wage war, however. This is a friendly bomb used to further sedate those who enjoy baths. Picture this: A white tub, bubbles, a champagne flute, a manservant named Yohan and a small battalion, hunkered down behind your vanity heaving a steady stream of bath bombs at you while you soak it up. What can be more relaxing? If your answer is a peach sized bottle of peach schnapps you should be ashamed of yourself.

The Lit Kit does not stop there. If it did it would simply be “Lit” without the “Kit”. You also get a half a gram of some Skywalker OG rolled in a cone. Smoke that and good luck lifting yourself out of the tub. Perhaps you can find it within yourself to levitate out or just ask Yohan the manservant. Why else is he there?

Finally, you get a 25mg chocolate bar to cap things off. So now after Yohan has plopped you onto your queen sized Tempur-pedic mattress and you are all wrapped up in your monogrammed bath robe and you have settled in to watch Dateline go ahead and scoff down that chocolate bar. Do it without any regard for your white sheets or reality in general.

After all, this is your time, it’s ok to be selfish with your Lit Kit.

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