Ganja Yoga

Brahma’s breath

In the great aftermath of the epic battles of the Vedas -when Vishnu and Hanuman strode the earth vanquishing their enemies- the ancient peoples of the Indus Valley yearned for rest, focus, meditation, and an elevation of their spirits. Thus Brahma breathed the wisdom of Yoga into the Upanishads to help the people with their battered bodies, as well as spread seeds of “spiritual flowers” (now know for the Indus valley in which it was first cultivated: cannabis Indica) to help the people lift their sinking spirits.

Finally, after thousands of years apart, these two potent and powerful healing practices have come together in one beautiful book: Ganja Yoga by Dee Dussault. This isn’t just getting high and stretching, oh no. This is full force spiritual bootcamp. Kick your inner yogi up a notch with the best ways to get high before to optimize your yoga. Or break from the usual lazy Sunday stoney session and throw in some sun salutes and downward dogs to bring up your ganja game.

Whether professional yogi or amateur cannabissian or visa versa or Vishnu, Ganja Yoga can help you attain new heights in your attainment of Nirvana. (Even if Nirvana for you means smoking and stretching to that awesome rerelease of the “Bleach” album with bonus live tracks. So kick ass even Kali would approve.)


Read more about Ganja Yoga’s Dee Dussault in The New Smoker Magazine No.7 – Edibles issue in ‘Women Elevating Weed‘ article highlighting over 40 women in cannabis. (Dee can be found on page 43). 

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