Alexander Wang Necklace


Dear Jessica Jones,

We got you a present. We heard your pre-rolls keep getting broken while you’re out there in Hell’s Kitchen giving it to the bad guys, and that it tends to really piss you off when your post-regulation ritual of lighting up a nice relaxing doobie gets interrupted.

We hear you, Jess. But now you won’t have to bemoan these jokers’ lack of respect for combat rules anymore, because it’s our honor to present you with Alexander Wang’s Gold & Silver Cigarette Case Keychain. This two-compartment case is fortified in gold-plated, rose-gold plated, and silver-tone rhodium-plated brass, making your joints as indestructible as you are.

And you won’t lose it, because it comes with a chain link and lanyard clasp fastening, so you can hook it to your belt loop. Or you can hook it to your keys, whack a bad guy upside the head with them, and your pre-rolls will STILL be safe! (We heard you like to multi-task, just another reason why we adore you, woman.) With your indestructibly badass tri-metal Alexander Wang Cigarette Case Keychain, no matter how rough-and-tumbly the tussle gets, your post-regulation celebration sticks will stay safe and sound.

Say hey to Luke for us,

Puffs and kisses,



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