Level Blends

Toke to the right note
Level now available in Pax Pods!

Level Blend vape pens offer a way to get that specific high you are looking for. Like a novice ham radio operator turning his dials late at night in his stepdad’s basement, trying to hone in on some far away frequency these vape pens will help you find what you are looking for. Unlock the mysteries of the great beyond and reach for a Classic blend or a Euphoric blend which utilizes CBD.

Sometimes you just have to harness your highs to reach that rarefied air of feelin’ alright. Avoid the bumps in the road of cannabis country and let Level Blends push you down a silk slide of even keeled vibes. When you finally find that right station you just got to stop turnin’ those dials and let your bud take the wheel.


Cannabis Relieving Creme

Absorb Your High and Heal. (Gentlemen, just ask your woman about this one. Ladies, carry on…) Things are retaining water, you’re angry, and it feels like some cruel devil is trying to destroy you from the inside out. Your back hurts, your hips hurt, your belly has been ripped some fresh hell. But you say, […]

Smoke Break Set

An all sensory smoke set… Martiza Liebetreu from Felt+Fat has created something that is both utilitarian and a joy to behold. This porcelain set is not so much a smoking station as it is a showcase piece. Clearly inspired by many toke sessions this ashtray, coffee mug and tray series would make the perfect centerpiece to […]

Flow Kana

Nothing gonna stop the flow… If we were somehow able to go back in time 20 years or so, like a 13th Monkey, and tell our younger selves that not only would Cannabis be available legally in California to all those who need it, but that there would be more strain choices than we know […]

Ceramic Chillum

Time to Chill-um It wasn’t a particularly hard yoga class, but the room was scorching hot and the instructor held some of the poses for so long. Utkatassana for two minutes? Margo turns her M6’s AC to its highest setting. She swears and sighs. She doesn’t really want to meet Kate for brunch. She’s got […]

Monk Botanicals

A health conscious high… Monk Botanicals takes the finest fruit juices and botanical herbs and infuses them with low dose THC to give you that gentle high. A place right in between “I think I feel an itch” and “maybe I shouldn’t leave this couch”. Monk Botanicals understands the value in delivering a mild psychotropic […]

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