Toast Premium Pre-rolls

The Toasted of the town…

“A slice of Toast is what those who hobnob amongst the ganja-glitterati say when they desire a top shelf joint. A typical scenario goes something like this: You are sitting out on the veranda at The Prince of Monaco’s birthday party. The energy at this party is electric and the cool Mediterranean breezes make you want to melt into the night air. A dapper gentleman leans against the Steinway & Son and you turn to him. You say, “I would love a slice of Toast.”

Without missing a step the young man reaches into the breast pocket of his Gucci suit and you soon catch glimpse of that royal purple and gold leaf filter. He hands you a slice and you know deep down that everything will be alright. You thank him and take a few longs pulls. Just then a bejeweled young socialite traipses over to you and gasps, “What a magnificent cigarette?” The record scratches, the prince drops his Chablis, the Emir casts a judging eye, security reach for their earbuds, a scream is heard off into the distance.

You reply with a knowing “tsk” and hand her your slice of Toast. She gazes into you and inhales deeply. As she closes her eyes, so too does the entire French Riviera. You cannot recall what her eyes looked like previously but when she opens them once more they are of a fiery red that burn with every Champagne flute “clink” you hear. The party goes on in a gentle mist of cannabis while you say goodbye to the newly minted social butterfly…

This, mind you, is what we believe to be a typical night smoking Toast. Results may vary

Asteroid Gummies

Cannabis for kids…? Remember back to the day you walked into the local ice cream shop in your little hometown in early 1980, and saw a bunch of your grammer school friends crowded in the corner around some kinda tall electronic pinball machine with a TV screen set inside. This strange new machine didn’t have […]

Deviant Dabs

A hellscape of deviance and delight… They called young Eddie Bellflower a deviant. They kicked him out of his pot collective and put his mugshot all over the town of Cannabis Junction. They said his ways were impure and they disapproved of his methods. He was given the scarlet letter as set forth by the […]

Cannabis Powder XJ-13

Dose & Dissolve… Through a mysterious co-mingling of both chemistry and alchemy, the intrepid souls at THC Design have just made what may be the galaxy’s first ever water soluble cannabis powder. That noise you hear in the distance are trumpets announcing it’s arrival. Has the new green Ovaltine arrived? Will there be a change […]

Love Hemp™ Body Salve

Love Thyself, Salve Thyself… Apply often, apply deeply, apply with reckless abandon… just as long as you apply. Allow the healing properties of Love Hemp melt into your skin, sink into your bones and trickle it’s way inside your veins. Let those veins carry the siren song of pure relaxation to the CBD starved synapses […]


The Four Horsemen of the Vape-apolypse. From the Book of Elevations… – Elevation 6:1-2 Then I saw when a New Smoker broke one of the four seals from the Bloomfield Vape Kit, and I heard one of the four vaping creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Sativa” I looked, and behold, a white […]

Seasonal Treat Red Boxes

A Sensimilla Stocking Stuffer… If the terms green, organic, and fair-trade make you salivate, then a Baceae edible is just for you. If you like to get deliciously high, and lessen your carbon footprint on the planet, then a Baceae gourmet edible is just what you need. If you like little red boxes to go with […]

CBD Hemp Oil

Get the benefits without the buzz… We know what you’ve been thinking: how can one get a super concentrated ingestible form of cannabis to cure what ails you, but not get super blasted when you need to perform some of your higher functions like flying a plane, driving a school bus, or calculating the next […]

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