Queen’s Kit

All hail the Queen…

Queen Victoria was one of the most powerful people in the 19th century, ruling over a global empire upon which “the sun never sets”, but she was a woman none-the-less. And though she was absolute monarch over all her British subjects, she was still subjected to to her body and the extreme monthly pains that many women throughout the ages have known.

On royal order to find a solution or be sacked, her physician traveled the world to find the Chinese had an ancient herbal remedy called dama (translated as cannabis indica) for premenstral problems that not only eased the period pains, but also added “euphoric and inspired intoxications” that could help lift the weight of the crown that rested upon the Queen’s royal head. So she took her prescribed herbal medicine and found it to be the miracle drug she’d been looking for. And the royal physician breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Humbolt Harvest takes what Queen Victoria learned and has boxed into it all together in a perfect little package they’ve aptly named the “Queens Kit” with cannabis balms, bath salts, suppositories, and topicals.  So now you too can get the royal treatment every time the mean “Mrs Monthly” comes around.

Le Chocolatier

Voulez vous Chocolatier avec nous..? In a back alley of the troisième arrondissement in Paris, between the new hipster cafes and the old buildings still standing for centuries, there’s a tiny chocolate shop known only to the chosen few. But if you follow your nose towards the sweet smell of coco beans being turned into mouth […]

Birch Box with Vape Pen

Vaping outside the box… He wandered from town to town bringing his stylish stash box with him. He would spread the gospel of marijuana for all to hear. He wore a green suit and stood seven feet high. Yet it was not high enough for the travelling stranger. So he stood on top of his […]

Probiotic Cannabis Chocolate

Gourmand ganja for the gut… Whoever knew that a delicious chocolate could do so much? Heal the psyche AND heal the gut? The good people at Oara, that’s who. Packed with beneficial bacteria and the ever so beneficial THC these chocolate thins are the decadent choice for total wellness. Since cultivating a dynamic and healthy […]

Better Bong Water

Give Piece a chance… A designer bong deserves designer water. Would you fill up the tank of your brand new Ferrari with Mountain Dew? Let the record show that you would not. Than why continue to fill up your beautiful, shimmering new water pipe with tap water? The same tap water you wash your hands […]

Chocolate Love

Special chocolates for a special love… Happy Valentines! Did you get chocolates from your loved one today? Show some real valentine love with one of The New Smoker’s curated selection of cannabis chocolates. What’s a better way to say I love you than getting super high on Valentine’s Day, and doing some seriously deep Netflix […]

Natura Hemp Rolling Papers

Naturally Natura… When Little Jimmy Fontaine finally went all natural everyone thought it was just a phase. It started innocently enough. He started buying organic fruits and vegetables and relied only on Rizla’s Natura responsibly sourced hemp rolling papers to smoke his homegrown bud. Before long, he went vegetarian and then vegan and then raw vegan and then […]

Marble Pipes

Secret society’s pipe of choice… The Grand Puba of the Eternal Sativa Lodge has called upon the almighty seer stone to be brought forth with. As the central ritual piece of the Treemason’s harvest ceremony this marble pipe also acts as conduit to the spirit world. Designed by Fredericks & Mae this cone shaped pipe […]

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