Pachecos Prerolls

Pacheck these out

Pachecos Prerolls come in four strain specific varieties with four different highs. Each have their own name expressing their individual identity. It’s a bit like a cannabis rock band of sorts. You have Keen, a High CBD, Low THC blend, and Keen is like the keyboardist. He is the most level headed out of the group and enjoys solving jigsaw puzzles on the road. He is a bit of a musical encyclopedia and rarely rocks the boat when it comes to confronting the lead singer.

You also have Mazzy, a mild hybrid with medium THC. Mazzy is like the female drummer who used to date the lead singer but now things are sort of on the rocks and the vibes are getting weird. Mazzy has a pink Mohawk and a septum ring and she counts Patti Smith as her ultimate inspiration.

Then there is Stryder, a strong Sativa with medium THC that acts like the bassist of the band. Stryder is frequently butting heads with the lead singer and rumor has it he’s got a thing for Mazzy. Stryder plays with his shirt off and he hates record execs. The entire recording business is a sham as far as he is concerned. He punches first and asks questions later.

Finally you have Hammerhead, a high THC Indica that is like the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Pacheco band. Nobody even knows Hammerheads real name. He writes all the songs but only when he’s in the mood which is hardly ever. He goes on six day peyote benders and is ahead of his time. Nobody gets him and that’s the way he likes it.

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