Cannabis Flower Fragrance

The Scent of The Gods…

It’s an oft-forgotten fact that the ancient gods loved to mess with each other. Hades, the god of the underworld, particularly loved to play tricks on the goddess of the harvest, Demeter. Rumor has it he had a fat crush. Demeter was super hot. So one day, Hades took his trickstering to a whole new level when he kidnapped Demeter’s daughter Persephone. This one had the other gods face palming, “Really bro, you had to go there?”

Because Demeter lost her shit, and she let everyone in on her globe-scale wrath. The goddess of the harvest said “Screw this noise, I’m not playing anymore.” She let all the crops die, and darkness came. Then naturally the humans started freaking out, like “whoa, what happened to our wheat?” and “damn, why’s it so cold?” But luckily for everyone, Demeter had some loyal devotees who knew her well enough to cheer her up using the scent of her favorite flower!

We imagine this was the beginnings of Demeter Cannabis Flower Fragrances. Divine olfactory offerings. Hoping that she would buck up and make their crops grow, people used this kind of mystical cannabis-scented fragrance to attract Demeter and distract her from the misery of missing her daughter. The spicy sweet smells of the beloved cannabis flower so inspired Demeter that she figured out how to stick one to Hades and get Persephone back. She was so pleased by this that she blessed the wearers of Demeter cannabis flower fragrances so that the sun came out to play again, their wheat grew like crazy, and everyone in the land was happy and rich and heavenly high.

Cannabis Powder XJ-13

Dose & Dissolve… Through a mysterious co-mingling of both chemistry and alchemy, the intrepid souls at THC Design have just made what may be the galaxy’s first ever water soluble cannabis powder. That noise you hear in the distance are trumpets announcing it’s arrival. Has the new green Ovaltine arrived? Will there be a change […]

Love Hemp™ Body Salve

Love Thyself, Salve Thyself… Apply often, apply deeply, apply with reckless abandon… just as long as you apply. Allow the healing properties of Love Hemp melt into your skin, sink into your bones and trickle it’s way inside your veins. Let those veins carry the siren song of pure relaxation to the CBD starved synapses […]


The Four Horsemen of the Vape-apolypse. From the Book of Elevations… – Elevation 6:1-2 Then I saw when a New Smoker broke one of the four seals from the Bloomfield Vape Kit, and I heard one of the four vaping creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Sativa” I looked, and behold, a white […]

Seasonal Treat Red Boxes

A Sensimilla Stocking Stuffer… If the terms green, organic, and fair-trade make you salivate, then a Baceae edible is just for you. If you like to get deliciously high, and lessen your carbon footprint on the planet, then a Baceae gourmet edible is just what you need. If you like little red boxes to go with […]

CBD Hemp Oil

Get the benefits without the buzz… We know what you’ve been thinking: how can one get a super concentrated ingestible form of cannabis to cure what ails you, but not get super blasted when you need to perform some of your higher functions like flying a plane, driving a school bus, or calculating the next […]

High Maintenance HBO

From Vimeo to HBO. It’s just one of those days. A day where the world gets in your way. The anti-cruise. No cruising. No green lights. Nothing flows. Every connection missed. Every train out of commission. The kind of day much better spent if you’d never left the bed, and called your weed guy instead. […]

Sweetflag Firestarter Kit

I’m the Firestarter… Admitly a 90s electro song from Prodigy doesn’t have much to do with Sweetflag’s Firestarter Travel Kit, other than sharing its name. But we get a kick out of imagining the spikey haired punk-ish Prodigy singer city kid from the dirty streets of London… out for a first night of camping under alpine […]

SteepFuze CBD Coffee

Coffee created to calm… It’s the natural progression of things. A person starts with a medium blend coffee from their local coffee chain store and then you start experimenting with various sweeteners. That turns into lattes, and then afternoon espresso breaks. You start throwing chai teas in the mix and now your Starbucks orders sound […]

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