Cannabis Flower Fragrance

The Scent of The Gods…

It’s an oft-forgotten fact that the ancient gods loved to mess with each other. Hades, the god of the underworld, particularly loved to play tricks on the goddess of the harvest, Demeter. Rumor has it he had a fat crush. Demeter was super hot. So one day, Hades took his trickstering to a whole new level when he kidnapped Demeter’s daughter Persephone. This one had the other gods face palming, “Really bro, you had to go there?”

Because Demeter lost her shit, and she let everyone in on her globe-scale wrath. The goddess of the harvest said “Screw this noise, I’m not playing anymore.” She let all the crops die, and darkness came. Then naturally the humans started freaking out, like “whoa, what happened to our wheat?” and “damn, why’s it so cold?” But luckily for everyone, Demeter had some loyal devotees who knew her well enough to cheer her up using the scent of her favorite flower!

We imagine this was the beginnings of Demeter Cannabis Flower Fragrances. Divine olfactory offerings. Hoping that she would buck up and make their crops grow, people used this kind of mystical cannabis-scented fragrance to attract Demeter and distract her from the misery of missing her daughter. The spicy sweet smells of the beloved cannabis flower so inspired Demeter that she figured out how to stick one to Hades and get Persephone back. She was so pleased by this that she blessed the wearers of Demeter cannabis flower fragrances so that the sun came out to play again, their wheat grew like crazy, and everyone in the land was happy and rich and heavenly high.

IQ Vaporizer

Innovation in Inhalation. When you first use the Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer and you allow it’s technology to guide your hand through Cannabis country you may get the unnerving sensation that your new toking gadget may be sentient. How much does it know, what does it ultimately want, and does it have an agenda besides […]

Organic Shaving Soaps

For those who crave a dope shave. Look good for your date with dankness with Dr. Bronner’s shaving soap. All natural ingredients like the multi-faceted and healing hemp oil and the awesome sounding Shikakai powder. Maybe next time you go to your local dispensary you can use Dr. Bronner’s and come clean shaven to show […]

Alexander Wang Necklace

Indestructible Dear Jessica Jones, We got you a present. We heard your pre-rolls keep getting broken while you’re out there in Hell’s Kitchen giving it to the bad guys, and that it tends to really piss you off when your post-regulation ritual of lighting up a nice relaxing doobie gets interrupted. We hear you, Jess. […]

Cannabis Eau De Parfum

Chanel No. 420 Do you remember the time you had that joint at lunch, right before your two o’clock conference call with Shanghai? How you had to change your shirt and give yourself a cologne bath so that your bosses didn’t smell what you consider to be a beautiful bouquet of dank buds? Free yourself […]

FOCUS Water Pipe

A Pipe for the Steampunk Sherlock Holmes. In the year 2078 crime plagues the streets of London. Scotland Yard is helpless in the face of marauding street gangs. With the help of modern science they exhume the body of the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, and retrofit him with cutting edge technology and Steampunk machinery. Science […]


A calm balm… Have little qualm about this releaf balm and it’s capacity to calm. If it’s relief you seek from a stressful week let’s get cheek to cheek so I can show you something unique. It’s a pain relief topical, the THC is nominal, in no way toxical with the quality so methodical. If […]

Leira Cannagars

420 for the 1%. Don’t you dare call this a blunt you Philistine. This is the Cohiba of cannabis, a medical marvel and ultimate sign of dank decadence. Each Leira Cannagar is a living, breathing tribute to the all knowing and all seeing marijuana plant. A slow burning status symbol for the stoner elite. The […]

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