Humble Flower

Herbology & Reflexology: A life science.

Before Aunt Denise received her first cannabis oil massage she thought she had known what relaxation was all about. After all, Aunt Denise had a monthly membership to Massage Envy, she owned many scented candles, wore loose fitting pants and she sleeps with a full body pillow. Sometimes she even used Trigger, her Bernese Mountain Dog, as a cuddle partner. (This has been ever since Uncle Raymond left her for the girl who works the counter at Yogurtland. Something that is never brought up by sober family members).

Then Aunt Denise was approached by a co-worker who was recently massage certified. He noticed by the way she pounded her keyboards that she seemed a bit stressed. He asked if he could do a little body work on her and use Humble Flower Co.’s CBD/THC blended massage oil to heighten the experience. Being a straight arrow all her life Aunt Denise balked at the idea but she knew at that moment that she had been living a lie ever since Raymond left her.

She had indeed been stressed and all of her coping mechanisms were no longer working. She relented and soon fell in love again with Humble Flower Co. She finally knew pure relaxation. Something that was eternally out of reach but with the help of these medicated oils was now washing over her like a million angel kisses. Her typing had become less manic and her outlook on life took on a gentler sheen. She even forgave Raymond and started treating herself to frozen yogurt again. She was rarely seen without Humble Flower products, and she no longer sweated the small stuff.

Cannadips Cannabis Pouches

“Thank Jah, I’m a country boy…” Ol’ Hank was a country boy who came from a long line of prideful lumberjack men. Years spent clearin’ brush and swingin’ a pickaxe started to take it’s toll on him though. Ol’ Hank. Or Buzzsaw Hank, as the fellas down at the pool hall liked to call him […]

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Putting the velvet rope around your dope… In an airport that makes sense Executive Vape Lounges are all the rage. A giant atrium where cannabis connoisseurs can puff away before being ferried off to Shanghai on business or mom’s house in Des Moines. There are levels to this thing however. One can smoke a nice […]


With great power there must also come great highs… Imagine your regular, run of the mill, pre-rolled joint and it has somehow taken on human form and now attends high school in Queens, NY. Let’s say this joint attends a science fair because he’s sort of nerdy and digs that stuff but is unfortunately bit by […]

The Stash

You put your spells in there… Traditionally, the leather stash pouch was used by magical herbal merchants who kept their pouch on their waist and offered such “beans” to weary travelers and curious townsfolk alike, giving cloudy daydreams of giants and singing harps.  (Magic “beans” indeed… puff puff) In feudal Japan, the leather stash pouch […]

Arizer Solo II

The Empire Puffs Back. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… It is a time of civil disobedience. Rebel vaporizers have won their first victory against the evil Darth Vapor. During the battle, rebel spies manage to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, Arizer Solo II, a dry herb vaporizer […]

Citrus ACAI Lift

A quick lift and a giant shift By Lenny’s own account he was nothing before Dixie Elixir. He could only recall glimpses of a mundane existence spent on the hamster wheel of humanity. Just another cog in the giant machinery of life. His friend (a true friend indeed) had witnessed the embers of a long […]

Glass Storage Collection

Glass stones… What do they say about getting stoned in glass houses…? We aren’t exactly sure, but we’re pretty sure it’s profound. Pollen Gear has designed a glass container specially made for preserving your favorite bud. It comes in different sizes too. So, if your favorite elderly relative is small enough, you can theoretically preserve […]

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