Cured Spices

I’m “Cured”!!

How to win the tri-country fair cookoff. Cured CBD infused spice will be your secret weapon this year. A sweet or savory addition that will hypnotize and lull the judges into giving you high marks…. But be forewarned, it’s not easy winning top prize at the Tri-County Fair Cookoff. In fact it’s downright impossible. Perennial favorite Dolores Stumblebrook is sure to win in the Sweets category with her Peach Cobbler Delight. A pie so good that the Pope himself travelled down last summer to bless a slice himself. You also have Kennesaw “Spatula” Montgomery who knows hog like no man. He practically has pigs hoofing down his door to sacrifice themselves to his pitmaster prowess. The Vegas bookmakers has him down as a lock for the category of Meats.

There is one thing ol’ Kennesaw and Dolores do not possess however. That is the healing properties of quality CBD infused into a delicious spiced rub or seasoning. Face it, we’ve all felt sort of down on ourselves after an eight cupcake binge or after consuming a large rack of lamb by yourself at the All-You-Can-Lamb joint over on 7th st. There is a way to combat that however and that is where the fine people at Cured Nutrition come in. Sprinkle, eat, and be merry! Anything is possible, even winning the 82nd Annual Tri-County Cookoff Jubilee.

We believe in you.

Probiotic Cannabis Chocolate

Gourmand ganja for the gut… Whoever knew that a delicious chocolate could do so much? Heal the psyche AND heal the gut? The good people at Oara, that’s who. Packed with beneficial bacteria and the ever so beneficial THC these chocolate thins are the decadent choice for total wellness. Since cultivating a dynamic and healthy […]

Better Bong Water

Give Piece a chance… A designer bong deserves designer water. Would you fill up the tank of your brand new Ferrari with Mountain Dew? Let the record show that you would not. Than why continue to fill up your beautiful, shimmering new water pipe with tap water? The same tap water you wash your hands […]

Chocolate Love

Special chocolates for a special love… Happy Valentines! Did you get chocolates from your loved one today? Show some real valentine love with one of The New Smoker’s curated selection of cannabis chocolates. What’s a better way to say I love you than getting super high on Valentine’s Day, and doing some seriously deep Netflix […]

Natura Hemp Rolling Papers

Naturally Natura… When Little Jimmy Fontaine finally went all natural everyone thought it was just a phase. It started innocently enough. He started buying organic fruits and vegetables and relied only on Rizla’s Natura responsibly sourced hemp rolling papers to smoke his homegrown bud. Before long, he went vegetarian and then vegan and then raw vegan and then […]

Marble Pipes

Secret society’s pipe of choice… The Grand Puba of the Eternal Sativa Lodge has called upon the almighty seer stone to be brought forth with. As the central ritual piece of the Treemason’s harvest ceremony this marble pipe also acts as conduit to the spirit world. Designed by Fredericks & Mae this cone shaped pipe […]


Into the vape wide open… Dateline: Kathmandu. 4,600 feet above sea level. 27°42′41″N 85°18′31″E. The young Nordic explorer, Thor Ganjarohl has returned triumphant from his record solo of Mt. Everest. The Nepalese know it as Sagarmāthā. With wind chills in excess of -70C, young Thor not only survived but thrived. He attributes his Thrive Vape Pen from […]

The Peak

The pinnacle of highness… Take your preferred concentrate and embark on a journey up the north face of Mt. Cannabis. A rarefied air for dab lovers who are always looking for higher peaks. Puff Co. has created a sleek vaporizer to vanquish your concentrate and put you on the summit of Where-the-hell-am-I-ville. Part light show, […]

Cannatonic Tonic

A sublime sublingual… It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’ve tuned into Tincture Radio, playing all those edible delights for you on your graveyard shift. We’ve got a special request going out to all those sublingual freaks out there. A cool and mellow high is coming your way from the groovy cats over at […]

Guild Extracts

Extraction traction… – THE STATE OF THE GUILD ADDRESS – “Here! Here! The Guild of Extracts has taken to the floor. The Honorable Bud McVaporstein has the microphone.” “Thank you, thank you. I will start by saying the state of Guild Extracts is strong and we continue to pick up steam. Our extracts have exceeded […]

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