Calm and Quiet

Chill dog, Chill…

What if we told you there was a way to make your dog even more of a good boy? Impossible you say? Perhaps you need to look at Calm and Quiet Therabis Hemp Wellness Formula. A hemp based remedy for bad dogs, good dogs and dogs that straddle the fence. Take your run-of-the-mill, well behaved Alaskan Malamute for example. He looks like he has everything going for him; He catches tennis balls, he barks when the doorbell rings and he wags his tail diligently when you get home. Yet you notice he really isn’t into the whole “petting thing” and the sound of fire trucks illicit nothing but an eye roll. Just yesterday the mailman delivered a package and your hairy best friend just sat there and sighed as if the entire process was beneath him. Sounds like a candidate for Therabis Pet Edibles.

Sprinkle a sachet in his dog bowl and watch him instantly connect with those who wield the leash. Watch as Rover sets his target once more on the UPS man and revel in his new found appreciation for fire hydrants and runs in the park. Reclaim your dog’s spirit and make him never question your abiding love. Allow him to find his inner Lassie and crave your petting as if it were manna from the heavens.

Of course if it’s a “bad dog” we are dealing with then Therabis Hemp Formula is invaluable. A spastic and anxious dog can be a liability. Especially with kids, fine China and Faberge Eggs in the house. Sprinkle a sachet (and a half) in his or her skull and cross bones decorated dog bowl and watch as a wave of calmness spreads over Cujo. Notify the neighbors that it’s safe to come outside again. Therabis is on the job.

Cannadips Cannabis Pouches

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G Pen Elite Vaporizer

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The Stash

You put your spells in there… Traditionally, the leather stash pouch was used by magical herbal merchants who kept their pouch on their waist and offered such “beans” to weary travelers and curious townsfolk alike, giving cloudy daydreams of giants and singing harps.  (Magic “beans” indeed… puff puff) In feudal Japan, the leather stash pouch […]

Arizer Solo II

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Citrus ACAI Lift

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Humble Flower

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